Wednesday, September 21, 2016

You must vote Trump if you are religious

There are a plethora of reasons that a religious person must vote for Donald Trump in 2016

And it doesn't matter if you're a Christian, a Muslim or a Catholic.


1. You cannot trust a single thing that she says.

- she has lied and continues to lie about her "private" government email server

- she said years ago that she did not support gay marriage. Muslims listen up. Then she changed her mind to support Obama and the special interest groups

- she clearly lied about Benghazi saying that the attack was about a YouTube video. Americans died due to her incompetence

2. She is NOT healthy

- clearly Hillary is not healthy. She has fallen, seized and has virtually no stamina. This matters.

Why are the liberals literally propping up this Manchurian Candidate?

3. The end of your religious freedom and place to gather for worship

- a law was just passed in Massachusetts where men MUST be allowed to go in the woman's bathroom and vice versa.

If this makes it to the current Supreme Court or a court where Hillary would appointment justices does anyone really believe that it would be reversed?

No. It will become the law of the land.

If churches or Mosques tried to contest they would be fined, lose their tax exempt status and or be closed down.

4. To not vote or to vote independent IS a vote for Hillary.

- make no mistake about it not voting Trump is a vote for her

Why? Because we know that the liberals with cheat.

- They will register dead people
- They will try and have illegals vote
- They will make some illegals into legal aliens and then say it was an "accident"


Hillary is the mother of lies where that ocean is deeper than the Marianna Trench.

She has no faith in anything except her bank account and foundation.

So if you're a religious person and love your traditional family you cannot possibly vote for anyone but Trump. 

And vote you must.

Because there is only one way to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

~ Locksley